RESUME | Experience timeline.

  • 1990
  • Born

    21 Nov 1990

    I was born in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Internship at TESA

    01 Aug 2012

    While I was studying Computer Engineering, I am an intern at TESA Hyper Camp 2012. Here I learn a lot about embedded system. I have tried to build a project about voice recognition.

  • Graduate Bachelor's Degree

    01 Mar 2013

    Graduating in computer engineering at Naresuan University, Pitsanulok, Thailand.

  • Start working at AR Soft Co., Ltd.

    01 Aug 2013

    I worked in role Java developer. Developing web app for finance business. I learned a lot about Jira and Linux cause here we used Ubuntu for develop project. My responsibility was develop part of loan and payment modules.

  • Start working at Clicknext Co., Ltd.

    01 Feb 2015

    I switched programming language from Java to .Net C#. I think It's just different syntax. I worked here for many years, Have worked on many projects. Here the team is strong and nice.

  • Start working at Tangerine Co., Ltd.

    01 May 2019

    Here is probably the dream job of many people. I work as a software engineer. Working with Cloud as GCP, DevOps, NodeJs, .Net Core more. I love culture organization here.

  • Start working Outsource at True Corp

    02 Sep 2020

    I have switched a job type from permanent to outsourcing. It's challenge me to learn outsource employee work style. Here I work as Full stack developer (React JS & Node JS). My team have worked from home 3 week per month. So I don't have to face the congestion of public services in Bangkok anymore.

  • 2020